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Fear God Honour The King
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☺️ Welcome to the Commonwealth of Kings! ☺️ Recruit! ☺️ Regional population goal = 45!


 Welcome to The Commonwealth of Kings

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PostSubject: Welcome to The Commonwealth of Kings   Welcome to The Commonwealth of Kings Empty20th October 2012, 14:04

Welcome to The Commonwealth of Kings 240px-Coat_of_Arms_of_the_College_of_Armssvg
The Commonwealth of Kings

Welcome to NationStates, New Leader!

The Commonwealth of kings is the best region to start your NationStates career, in the best way offered!!

Why come to The Commonwealth of kings? I am 100% sure that you will have received messages from regions 10 times our size. But between you and me, what they don't tell you is that the bigger the region, the smaller the chance of you getting a job in leadership and furthermore, The bigger the region, the less active the community; Sometimes people make up to 40 accounts to make their region look bigger. Big regions have to create an illusion of vibrancy and community in order to attract members. And it's sad, isn't it? But there's still hope! Because our region was founded on the principle of being genuinely active, and community orientated, one in which everybody has a chance to become a leader, important in their own right. The Region offers you the following;

a) If you understand the Constitution, you can apply for the position of a Judge.
b) You can also candidate for a position in Government.
c) Even though the constitution is the supreme law of the region, it can only govern regional matters and not that of your own nation.

a) Let your imagination run wild lol
b) In game trading, buying and selling... You can set it up, the possibilities are endless.

a) Start as a Member Nation, then when you’re ready, you can apply to form part of a political party. If the party wins, you could be the next Prime Minister.
b) Propose laws and then debate them in Parliament.

It will allow you to earn Crowns (the Regional Currency) by posting. But be careful, if you do not post, you are taxed everyday, so keep on posting!

a) A well set-up website
b) A well established offsite forum
c) An on-line Embassy Application Form on the Website.
d) IRC for real-time chatting.
e) An automated welcome message.

Political Parties
Two Political Parties have been created namely the Conservative Party and The Liberal Party. Parties elect their own leaders, who are then appointed as Prime Minister if the party wins the regional elections. (Interesting!).

These are just a few and of course, we need people that are active and that can help introduce laws etc.

So I hope this info will help you decide...

To get started with us, click on The Commonwealth of kings, and then click on the button that says "Like what you see? Move to The Commonwealth of kings TODAY!"

Warm Regards,
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Welcome to The Commonwealth of Kings
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